Our Covenant

Covenant of Culture

In order to fulfill the Great Commandment as given by Jesus Christ, we, the souls of Family in Christ MCC, commit to creating, implementing, and sustaining a culture of LOVE, appreciation, and trust. We promise to uphold the following covenant of core beliefs and behaviors in our relationships with each other and in our relationships with those who are served by the ministry of our Church. Believing above all things that we are called by Christ to love one another (Matt. 22:38-40) and that the actions we take will always affect people in our congregation or community; before making any decisions to act, any ministry team or leader in our Church will gather together and take into account the input of those who may be affected by any action that is being considered. All decisions will be made in alignment with this covenant of culture and the vision, values, and ministry plan statements of our Church. At all times, decisions will be made that will enable our congregation to build and sustain a greater number of loving relationships of goodwill between people as a result of the ministry of our Church.

Believing that every soul is called by God to be a minister (I Peter 2:9-10) and that our Church exists to inspire each soul to fulfill his or her calling, ministries of our Church will be created and implemented through the gifts, interests, passions, skills, and resources of our congregation to fulfill their God given callings whether inside or outside the Church. Therefore, all paid and ordained staff members are hired to create learning opportunities that equip ministry team members to fulfill their callings to serve others.

Believing that every soul has value to our Church (Romans 8:16-17), we assume that each person uses good intentions as regards their involvement and actions taken as part of our congregation. When things do not go as planned, we will refrain from faultfinding and blaming each other and instead seek to help each other by dialoguing to clarify the issue and implement a positive solution that is of mutual benefit to all those involved.

Believing that we are called to seek reconciliation through forgiveness when we experience difficulty in our relationships with one another (Matt. 5:22-24) we will address conflicts as soon as possible. When conflict occurs we will take the time necessary to listen to the ideas of everyone. This will be done utilizing the guidelines outlined in our communications covenant. We will honor and respect people when they are sharing their ideas. We will view all ideas as valid information to be considered before attempting to find a solution that will work for the mutual benefit of all people involved.

Believing that Jesus Christ called us to imitate his servant style (John 13:5-8), everyone will serve our congregation as depicted in this covenant.

Communications Covenant

  • I will admit and accept responsibility for myself, my thoughts, attitudes and behavior.
  • I will be respectful of myself and others.
  • I will not attempt to articulate another person’s thoughts, attitudes, or positions without their prior invitation.
  • If a problem arises with another person, I will go directly to that person first to resolve the problem.
  • I will deal directly with others. I will be loving and caring, yet frank.
  • When a problem arises, I will attempt to solve it immediately. I won’t wait.
  • I will be sensitive to differences of all types that exist between people. These include, but are not only limited to: race, gender, age, ethnicity, physical ability, economic status, nationality and affectional preference. I accept responsibility for, and recognize that the words I use, their meanings, my tone of voice and body language, knowing these may be interpreted in different ways and have an impact on others.
  • I will ask for an explanation of what a person means by what they have just said if I am not sure, rather than drawing my own, possibly incorrect conclusion.
  • I will listen and hear what others have to say. I will try to put aside preconceptions and judgments and be in the present moment. I will not interrupt when another person is speaking.
  • I will be considerate, and I will not take more than my share of speaking time, as established by the moderator.
  • I acknowledge that all participants are equally responsible for the outcome of the interchange.
  • I will use no abusive language when dealing with others. This includes: not name-calling, insults, or harsh scolding although being emotional about one’s own feelings may occur.
  • I will not gossip. I will listen to someone else’s needs, or do something about a problem within my domain, but will not be a part of spreading rumors about an absent person.
  • I will admit when an impasse is reached and no further productive interchange can occur. I will terminate the communications for that time, rather than trying to get my own way.
  • I will make a definite agreement about when I will discuss a problem further, if I cannot discuss it when approached.
  • I will attempt to be available to listen to anyone that may have something to discuss.
  • I will not negate, deny, or invalidate another’s feelings.