Our Ethos

The church of the first century welcomed all people whether or not they were acceptable to the religious standards of the day.  In that spirit,  MCC Family in Christ will give you a warm welcome whoever you are – married, divorced or single, conservative or liberal, old or young, rich or poor, doubter or believer, gay or straight, transgender or any gender, struggling with addictions or in recovery, whatever your race or ethnicity.  We are genuinely diverse and theologically open-minded.  We all give a little which allows us to receive a lot! This may sound like something new, but we are just like the early church, truly a rainbow congregation.

We are a congregation that is moving from rules to relationship.  As our name states, we are a family, laughing together, crying together, accepting each other, supporting each other, challenging each other, occasionally upsetting each other, but most importantly, forgiving each other because we’re passionate about following Jesus and serious about the wisdom and truths of the Bible.

Being faith based not fear based, everyone can find God’s grace at our place; and together in our grace-filled lives, we serve others freely as we are gifted.